Raffle Results 14th Dec

1st Choice ;  ticket Green  A 47  ; Debbie McLean ‘ Christmas Hamper’ .
2nd choice;  ticket Blue     D27 ;      Kelly Paull ,  framed platypus print
and pin. ( to be delivered)
3rd choice ;  ticket Black    C43 ;     Tim Collins ,  Wattle Bend Holiday.
4th choice ;  ticket Purple  E 63;   Janelle      , koala hand towel and
book   ( ? delivery)
5th choice ;  ticket Orange C 70;   Gordon Taylor , Koala ear rings. (

Money raised ;  $570.50
Special thankyou to;  Wattle Bend Retreat for donation of holiday for 2
                                   And  Fuss Pots Café in  Ebor for
donation of Wolfgang wildlife earrings.


Wildlife as Pets??

Wild for life – Born to be wild – Not domestic pets Click here

Most of us want to see our native animals in the bush enjoying a ‘wild life’.  So why does the NSW Government allow a handful of people to keep native animals in enclosures in urban homes, surrounded by dogs and cats?