Become a Wildlife Carer

What type of equipment do I need?

As a wildlife rehabilitator you will need some basic equipment to enable you to rescue sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.  A number of these items can be easily found around the house.

Basic equipment that you will need to get started includes:-

  • Gloves (disposable and strong garden gloves)

  • Cardboard boxes of various sizes

  • Clean towels

  • Torch

  • Hot water bottle

  • Scissors

  • Blanket

  • Glucodin powder (you can purchase this from the supermarket or chemist for about $5)

As you become more experienced, you will find that you will add other items to your “rescue kit” including:-

  • Pet carrier or cage

  • Net for catching birds

  • Syringes (for feeding)

  • Tweezers

  • Thermometer

  • Electronic kitchen scales 

  • Coloured globes (red or blue) 25 and 40 watts

Once you have worked out which species you wish to care for, you will need to then look at building or acquiring appropriate facilities to house them.  

This might include cages, aviaries or yards for the specific type of animal that you are going to care for.   Aviaries and large cages should be set up with branches, both fixed and movable, for climbing and should be snake and rat proof.  

You will need to obtain daily access to a natural food source such as native trees and shrubs.

I’m ready…what now?

Once you have decided that you would like to become actively involved with Northern Tablelands Wildlife   as a wildlife rehabilitator, we suggest that you:-