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Two Green Threads Supporting Wildlife Carers

We, in the native wildlife care sector,
face a real challenge…

The intensity of the volunteer effort in this unique sector is being delivered in a time of bleak outlook for the future of our natural ecosystems which are changing and shrinking as habitat destruction, climate change and human indifference weave together. Two Green Threads is being established to support this volunteer effort and the wildlife carers responding to these challenges.


Raffle Results 14th Dec

1st Choice ;  ticket Green  A 47  ; Debbie McLean ‘ Christmas Hamper’ .
2nd choice;  ticket Blue     D27 ;      Kelly Paull ,  framed platypus print
and pin. ( to be delivered)
3rd choice ;  ticket Black    C43 ;     Tim Collins ,  Wattle Bend Holiday.
4th choice ;  ticket Purple  E 63;   Janelle      , koala hand towel and
book   ( ? delivery)
5th choice ;  ticket Orange C 70;   Gordon Taylor , Koala ear rings. (

Money raised ;  $570.50
Special thankyou to;  Wattle Bend Retreat for donation of holiday for 2
                                   And  Fuss Pots Café in  Ebor for
donation of Wolfgang wildlife earrings.


Wildlife as Pets??

Wild for life – Born to be wild – Not domestic pets Click here

Most of us want to see our native animals in the bush enjoying a ‘wild life’.  So why does the NSW Government allow a handful of people to keep native animals in enclosures in urban homes, surrounded by dogs and cats?