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Programme for reptile care course

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Dinner’s Ready … Feeding Reptiles in Care

A presentation about methods of feeding reptiles in rehabilitation

30 mins

Ending It All… Euthanasia of Reptiles

A presentation euthanasia of reptile and amphibians with an emphasis on wildlife

30 mins

Feeling Blue… Common Medical Conditions in Blue Tongue Lizards

A presentation going over the common conditions we see in Blue-Tongue Lizards

30 mins

Filling in the Cracks… Shell Fractures in Turtles

A presentation detailing the current modern methods of shell repair technique in freshwater turtles.

45 mins

Four Vets and A Turtle

A Broad shell Turtle was presented to North Shore Veterinary Hospital after being treated at a veterinary practice in Albury, NSW. The turtle had sustained severe fractures to the carapace and required orthopaedic surgery to repair it. The turtle needed later surgery to remove eggs due to internal damage. She was then rehabilitated by a turtle carer who successfully hatched her eggs.

15 mins

Handle With Care… Handling and Transportation of Reptiles

A presentation about methods of handling and transporting reptiles for wildlife carers.

30 mins

Power Up!… Heating and Lighting for Herps

A presentation on an overview of heating and lighting for herpatofauna

90 mins

Real Estate Made Easy… Housing Wild Reptiles

A presentation about methods of housing reptiles in rehabilitation.

30 mins

Reptile Biology… What Makes These Animals Tick

A presentation detailing the special biological features of reptiles that make them unique.

30 mins

That’s Gotta Hurt… Wound Management in Reptiles

A presentation about modern methods and products used for the treatment of wounds in reptiles.

30 mins

The Things You’ll See… Examples of Reptile Wildlife Cases

Case reports of 6 wildlife cases that have been treated.

30 mins


Dr Shane Simpson BVSc(Hons), GCM(VP)

Veterinarian with an interest in reptiles and amphibians